Aging is a fact of life. I know; I’m not crazy about the effects of aging either, but there are some things we can do in the land of looking good, and having a beautiful smile with healthy teeth and gums. I call it your ORAL FACE LIFT.

A study conducted by the American Academy of Cosmetic Dentistry [AACD], showed that people are most likely to underestimate the age of a person if he or she is smiling.  "We tend to find smiling faces more attractive, youthful and upbeat," said Dr. Ed Lowe, editor-in-chief of the AACD's Journal of Cosmetic Dentistry. "A smile or laugh's age-defying power may lay in the fact that smile lines make it challenging for an observer to correctly predict a person's true age."

Who knew?!

Studies also show that people over the age of 50 believe that a beautiful smile can overcome many effects of aging. And, what we’re seeing in the oral healthcare profession is that more than 80% of adults will spend money on their teeth and oral health care to correct many signs of aging. An ORAL FACE LIFT!

So when it comes to your mouth and teeth, here are some ways to fight the effects and appearance of aging.

Whiten and brighten. A youthful smile is a healthy-looking white. Professional whitening in your dentist’s office or at home methods will help keep your teeth younger looking. Use whitening toothpastes at home, or try brushing with a paste of old fashioned baking soda and water. Smoking, coffee, tea, red wine, some juices, fruits and vegetables and even some medicines stain teeth, so be wary.

Face Aging Due to Tooth Loss. As we age, our faces experience decreased muscle tone, and skin changes. When people lose several teeth, the internal changes in their mouth can cause cheeks to look hollow, making your face look older. Dental bridges, dentures or implants may help overcome the problem.

Reshape your teeth. Your teeth can wear down with night or daytime grinding or clenching. Some foods can cause cracks or chips, and some sports or a fall can cause tooth injuries. Reshaping or repairing your teeth can strengthen them, make them appear more age-less and your smile more attractive.

Fight receding gums. Gum recession is common as we age. You may have receding gums also due to heredity, brushing too hard or poor oral health care. Make sure to visit your oral health care provider twice a year for regular check-ups and cleanings, brush twice daily, and floss.

Watch the gap, straighten up or get a lift. Do you have a gap between your teeth or dislike slightly crooked teeth or an uneven smile? Losing facial volume? Veneers, bonding or crowns may fix these problems, taking years off your face and smile.

Stop smoking. Smoking not only stains your teeth and makes them unsightly, but it makes your lips dry and wrinkled. Say no to chewing tobacco, also.

Good nutrition. Eating a healthy diet keeps your body in better shape and calcium and supplements are good for your teeth. When you’re healthy, you appear younger and more vibrant to others.

Get enough rest and reduce stress. Your mouth will relax, and you’ll look more youthful.

Soften wrinkles. Smile lines are part of a happy smile, but they can show your age. Soften the lines you have with Botox and/or an intradermal filler such as Restylane, and reduce future lines and wrinkles with a facial sunscreen of SPF 30+. Moisturize your lips with an emollient lip balm and for daytime, make it SPF 15+.

Women: Brighten your lips. Wearing a neutral or rosy shade lipstick is youthful and adding color brightens your teeth and smile.


Youth should not be wasted on the young.  Do the work, and reap the benefits of looking more youthful!


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