Jamaica boasts natural, tropical beauty with sandy beaches enjoyed by residents and tourists, alike. But looks can be deceiving. It is the third largest island located in the Caribbean, with a population of almost 2.8 million.Jamaica experiences severe health challenges, especially in reducing the overall burden or diseases due to a lack of education and money leading to poor health and dental conditions. In fact, with approximately one dentist per 19,000+ people, the majority of Jamaicans will probably never see a dentist! I founded The Goodwill Oral Health Project organization over 15 years ago, after visiting Jamaica with my family in the 1990’s and witnessing the dire need for oral health care in Jamaica's impoverished communities. Since the organization’s genesis, I’ve dedicated much of my time to furthering the philanthropic efforts and making a difference in the quality of life and overall oral health care to hundreds of thousands of Jamaican people.

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