On the first day of good oral health, my dentist gave to me:

1.  A Nutcracker for all the chestnuts roasting on the open fire

Never attempt to crack any type of nuts (or anything else for that matter) open with your ivories! When your teeth are used to chew through something that is nearly as hard as they are, it could end in a disaster and have you ho ho ho-ing all the way to the dentist office with cracks in them.  So, in the spirit of the holiday season, get yourself a nutcracker and enjoy all the chestnuts you can.


On the second day of good oral health, my dentist gave to me:

2. A Night Guard to keep you from grinding your teeth

With the hustle and bustle of the holidays and all the parties to keep on the calendar, plus friends and family that come to town to keep in order, stress and anxiety will inevitably arise.  That stress can have physical ramifications and cause some people to grind or clench their teeth.  The result: jaw pain, headaches and even chipping of a tooth.  Wearing a night guard will help to prevent the holiday stress wreaking havoc on your smile and enjoyment of the festivities.


On the third day of good oral health, my dentist gave to me:

3. Sugar-Free lozenges to help ease those winter sore throats

As the weather gets chilly the season becomes full of runny noses and sore throats.  To help ease the ails of a dry scratchy throat, everyone reaches for something to calm their discomfort.  Make sure that you reach for a sugar-free option because the sugar in regular options reacts with the sticky plaque that builds up on your teeth during the day. When bacteria, which naturally occurs in your mouth, mixes with the added sugar, it converts to an acid that eats away at your tooth enamel and Hello cavities!


On the fourth day of good oral health, my dentist gave to me:

 4. A pack of sugar-free gum to increase your saliva flow

Since you’re all aboard the sugar-free express, let’s keep the train running.  After meals, sugar and food particles can be found around your teeth. Rinse your mouth with water after meals, and chew sugar-free gum to increase your saliva flow to rinse away sugars and acids in your mouth to keep that holiday smile cavity-free.


On the fifth day of good oral health, my dentist gave to me:

5. Dessert for Dinner…especially if there are kids at your table

Yes, this sounds counterintuitive, however, there is an extremely plausible explanation for this.  The truth is that if you’re going to have a dessert that is sugar-laden, it is far better to eat it prior to or at the same time as your regular balanced meal.  Here’s why:  your regular meal will most likely contain less sugar, which will make those foods act as a ‘toothbrush’ to help remove the sugar leftover from the sweets you indulged in earlier. This will then neutralize your mouth to potentially cut-down on the cavity-causing bacteria.


On the sixth day of good oral health, my dentist gave to me:

6. STOCKING STUFFER ALERT: a new toothbrush

There are so many great new toothbrushes on the market this year, both manual and electric.  Christmas stockings are often filled with sugary treats that can cause your kids to get cavities. Why not switch it up this year and stick to one sweet item only and consider a toothbrush as part of the holiday loot!


On the seventh day of good oral health, my dentist gave to me:

7. A Straw for drinking

It’s very unrealistic for me to think you will ONLY drink water during the holiday season, nor would I want you to. So when you’re ready to break from the aqua and switch to the soda or punch, use a straw for your glass. This helps to direct sugary liquid away from your teeth and minimize its impact on them, but also still allows you to enjoy the taste of the drink.


On the eighth day of good oral health, my dentist gave to me:

8. Cheese to go with that wine?

Although Santa and Rudolf may be the number one pairing at Christmas time, wine and cheese is a close second. Cheese is a great choice to snack on if you are drinking wine or any other alcoholic drinks at parties. The pH balancing effects help neutralize the acid that’s in these boozy beverages and the calcium is amazing for your teeth as well.


On the ninth day of good oral health, my dentist gave to me:

9. A Calendar to help you keep up with your daily oral health routine

The holidays can disrupt your oral health routine and the last thing you want to do is start breaking all the resolutions you’ve kept since last New Year’s Eve. Even if you are traveling, purchase travel sized toothbrushes and toothpaste and make sure to still set time aside for brushing and flossing daily.


On the 10th day of good oral health, my dentist gave to me:

10. Christmas Carols while you brush

Crank up the music and hum along to some verses and choruses of your favourite holiday tunes while you brush your teeth. Optimal tooth brushing lasts for approximately two minutes, so by the time you’ve jingled all the way you’ll likely have brushed long enough to clean your teeth and gums (and don’t forget your tongue too).


On the 11th day of good oral health, my dentist gave to me:

11.  Floss.  You heard right… Santa Floss

Flossing removes plaque that builds up on the teeth and gum line. If it is not removed it can lead to cavities or gum disease.  Flossing is almost 50% of the work that needs to be done to create and have good oral hygiene. It can clean up to 35% of the teeth surface.  So twice a day tie that floss into a loop or try an interdental to make sure that you are getting half the job done before using your new toothbrush!


On the 12th day of good oral health, my dentist gave to me:

12. A Delicious Turkey Dinner with all those calcium and vitamin D filled trimmings with your family

The holidays are about family and friends.  So, gather everyone around and enjoy a delicious turkey dinner with its phosphorus packed goodness, which is a great way to strengthen your teeth guilt-free.  Wash those bites down with some calcium and vitamin D filled sides like spinach, kale or mushrooms.  Then don’t forget to use all your gifts and keep those teeth sparkling!




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